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Marilyn Monroe was one of the most iconic actresses in history. She was also known for her incredible figure. In spite of this, Marilyn struggled with her weight throughout her life. In 1962, she passed away from a suspected overdose of barbiturates. While many people think that Marilyn’s death was due to other factors, it’s possible that her weight loss played a role. In this blog post, we will take a look at Marilyn’s diet and how you can emulate it to lose weight yourself!

A Light Workout

marilyn monroe weight loss diet

Working out is important. After I’ve brushed my teeth, washed my face, and shaken off the first deep layer of sleep, I go down on the floor next to my bed and start my first exercise. It’s a simple bust-firming exercise that involves lifting five-pound weights from an arm position stretched out over my head to a height just above my head. This is done 15 times slowly.

“I just do 15 reps of the same exercise, this time with my arms above my head. Then I move my weights in circles for a long period of time until I’m exhausted, with my arms at a 45-degree angle from the ground. I don’t follow any kind of rhythm; if I had to be regimented about it, I couldn’t bear exercising.”

Honestly, I’ve never thought of my own figure as particularly outstanding; until recently, I never gave it any attention. My most serious worry used to be getting enough food. Now I have to be concerned about overindulging. Exercises were never a priority for me before.

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“The fact that I was able to sustain and improve my muscular strength after beginning the program has been incredible. The exercises are becoming more intense and challenging, but they’re also much safer than before owing to improved form awareness. My body is responding better, too. It’s as if I’m finally playing a game on easy mode where there were previously only two difficulties: casual and expert.”

Better than SPF

marilyn monroe

“Sports. I’ve never been a huge sports fan, and I don’t intend to become one. Women should be able to handle them. Despite its popularity in California, I don’t believe that sun-tanned skin is any more attractive than white skin, or any healthier. Because I like to feel as if I’m always blonde,”

I suppose I have a sluggish nature by default. I despise doing things in a hurried, tense atmosphere, and it is highly difficult for me to get out of bed on Monday morning. On Sunday, which is when I have complete leisure, I might take two hours to wake up, enjoying every last bit of drowsiness.

I sleep between five and ten hours every night, depending on my schedule. I keep it simple with a single extra-wide single bed and a single big heavy-down comforter covering me in the summer or winter. I’ve never been able to wear pajamas or frilly nightgowns; they disrupt my rest.”

Monroe’s Take on Paleo

raw eggs

Breakfast. It’s been said that my consumption patterns are absolutely odd, but I don’t believe it. I start a cup of milk on the hot plate in my hotel room before taking my morning shower.

When it’s hot outside, I add two raw eggs to the milk and whip them with a fork before sipping them while dressing. I use a multi-vitamin tablet to supplement this meal, which I’m sure no doctor could improve on.

“It’s after the meal that things get interesting. I have a dishwasher and washer-dryer in my room, but I don’t use it much since everything is so simple at home for me. Every night I go to the market near my hotel and pick up a steak, lamb chops, or liver, which I broil in the electric oven in my room. Raw carrots are usually served with meat to me; they never grow old on my plate.”

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Marilyn Monroe’s Favorite Foods


raw eggs

Ms. Monroe’s diet was high in protein and included a lot of steak and other red meats. Munch on a handful of raw carrots, Marilyn’s favorite vegetable side, to truly re-create her.


raw eggs

These Marilyn-approved lamb chops are marinated in a blend of flavors that is notorious for their deliciousness. Lamb was often eaten by the actress. She would even broil her own cuts in her hotel room using an electric oven.

Chocolate Caramel Sundaes

raw eggs

When it came to meals, Marilyn was a minimalist. She adored sundaes and kept them as basic as possible.


two raw egg

If you’ve never tried liver, try this dish to ease yourself into it. Keep in mind that Marilyn liked it, so you should, too.

Glazed Carrots

two raw eggs

Munch on these glazed baby carrots as a side dish or any time of day snack. Marilyn preferred her carrots raw, referring to herself as a “rabbit.”


raw carrots

Marilyn has a stuffing recipe written on an insurance firm’s stationery that is now famous. Stuffing, which is a Thanksgiving tradition, has rich and distinct tastes and textures that will have your family asking for more.


raw carrots

Make sure you eat your fruits and vegetables! Carrots were one of Marilyn’s favorite foods. Vegetables are easy to prepare, high in nutrients that are good for both your body and mind and can be beautifully enhanced with spices and sauces of your choice.


protein foods

Champagne was a favorite beverage of Norma Jeane. The sparkling wine does not have to be pricey or stored for New Year’s Eve. Always take your time and enjoy the effervescent taste, whether you prefer sweet and fruity champagne or dry and tart champagne.

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hot fudge sundae

Cabbage has a long list of health benefits, including preventing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels, improving digestion, and maintaining heart and blood health. It is thought that Ms. Monroe ate cabbage with her meals on a regular basis to feel and appear robust and attractive.

Hot Dogs

hot fudge sundae

Marilyn Monroe’s daily menu may be considered ordinary and uninteresting, but the lady knew how to pamper herself. Marilyn’s choice for bright and classic cuisine is hinted at in a famous image of her eating a hot dog (without the bun).

The Perfect Hamburger

hot plate

During the 1950s, American diners were at their zenith, and burgers (and shakes and French fries and soda) were a frequent order. To make it your own, fire up the grill and add any toppings or cheeses you prefer.


Marilyn Monroe was known for her curves, which she maintained throughout her life by eating a healthy and balanced diet. Her favorite foods included steak, lamb chops, liver, carrots, stuffing, vegetables, champagne, and cabbage. To truly recreate Marilyn’s diet and lifestyle, try some of her recipes or follow her simple tips for staying fit and looking great.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Marilyn Monroe eat healthily?

Yes, Marilyn followed a healthy diet that consisted of lots of protein and vegetables.

What was Marilyn Monroe's morning routine?

Marilyn usually woke up early and exercised before breakfast. She then ate a healthy meal to start her day.

How much did Marilyn Monroe exercise?

Marilyn exercised every day, even when she was traveling. She typically worked out for an hour each morning.

How did Marilyn Monroe stay thin?

Marilyn ate a healthy diet and exercised regularly. She also avoided eating processed foods and sugary drinks.

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